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Short-Term & Long-Term
Storage Solutions

We have warehouse space available in Tauranga. We offer short or long term storage based on your needs. Rather than a complicated contract pick and pack operation, we are able to store bulk items with palletised dispatch available. Your product can be broken down into smaller quantities labelled packed and dispatched individually if required.

Our warehousing facility complements our freight & depot services. If you have an alternative preferred carrier or wish to collect yourself that is also possible

Is your business looking for warehouse storage services on a long-term or short-term basis?

NDL Transport & Warehousing has a warehouse facility in Tauranga city. This convenient location makes the depot the ideal base to offer warehouse distribution services.

Our warehousing services in Tauranga may be suitable for you if you are devanning to break up your bulk for wider distribution or if your cargo is awaiting transhipment to another region. We are not currently running a complicated contract pick and pack operation, but are happy to store bulk items with palletised dispatch available. Here at NDL Transport & Warehousing, we have the space, storage, and safety features to offer comprehensive and trustworthy warehousing services.

The Tauranga warehousing facility also assists in our seamless local transport services. Our warehouse allows us to offer solutions to our clients for some awkward delivery locations, including building sites , farms, home delivery, as well as the more standard business deliveries. Also If you have a preferred carrier to use or want to collect yourself that is no problem.

Warehousing - long and short term storage solutions

Having an MPI-accredited trans-shipment facility offers immense value to our clients. They can rest assured that they are getting the very best in terms of efficiency, safety, and expertise. 

Importing products from the nearby Port of Tauranga? Minimise the time involved with customs and quarantine by making use of our warehousing distribution in Tauranga.

Pick and pack
Are you a transport service in need of warehousing solutions in Tauranga? Get in touch with our professional yet approachable team today. We’d love to help you meet your customer’s delivery demands.

Dispatch of Stored Goods Services For Other Companies

As a leading transport company in Auckland, we work alongside many other courier companies by offering them our warehousing distribution services. Many smaller transport companies do not have warehouse facilities of their own, and that is why they come to us.

Our skilled team of staff members here at NDL Transport & Warehousing can be trusted with any type of load. We have the cutting-edge equipment and experience to handle your devanning and storage needs, as well as breaking down loads that need to be split for further delivery.

Warehousing - Dispatch - NDL transport


We make up your orders, label and package as required to dispatch through our logistics network, or via your preferred carrier- it’s up to you how and who we ship with.

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