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NDL Transport is a locally owned and operated general freight service provider. We focus on efficient delivery, innovative logistics services, freight forwarding and safe storage. This range of services allows you to have all your delivery and storage needs taken care of by one cohesive team in NZ.

While we specialise in building sector materials, our transport company offers these services for most low-risk goods. Whatever your load or destination, NDL can find a solution to meet your needs.

Freight Forwarding and Transport Company - Intercity Delivery

Intercity Delivery

We offer daily deliveries to Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga as part of our general freight service. Through trusted partners, we’re able to offer deliveries nationwide.

Freight Forwarding and Transport Company - challenging areas

Challenging Areas

Our team is highly experienced when it comes to challenging areas and deliveries. Our off-road forklift allow us to get into tight spaces and over rough terrain.

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    NDL - about us

    About NDL
    Transport & Warehousing

    About NDL Transport & Warehousing

    NDL Transport & Warehousing is an Auckland transport company that has been around for over 25 years and has built up a solid reputation within the industry. We provide our transport services across the upper North Island and provide daily deliveries to Tauranga, Auckland and Wellington.

    Our warehouse is conveniently located just outside Tauranga city, near the port. This facility allows us to offer storage and devanning services for our clients and their customers.

    Our company is still small enough that it has not lost our human element, and we care about our customers. While on the other hand, NDL Transport is big enough to provide comprehensive cargo services in NZ.

    David Phillips, NDL Transport’s owner, has spent decades in the freight and logistics industry. His career in transport deliveries goes as far back as 1992 when he borrowed a friend’s bike to start offering courier services in London. From there, he started a courier company in Melbourne before returning to New Zealand and purchasing NDL Transport.

    Warehousing & Distribution

    Our warehouse on the edge of Tauranga city makes it easy and convenient for us to offer logistics services in Tauranga. The depot is very well-placed and is the ideal base for our growing distribution and cargo delivery services. 

    The Tauranga warehouse allows us to offer devanning services, storage services transhipment, and many other related services. We offer you sufficient space and storage to meet your needs. 

    Our warehouse also means that many smaller courier companies use our warehouse services and storage facilities, making us a leader in the industry.

    Bringing this warehouse on board has given us the opportunity to really optimise and streamline our solutions and offer our clients the very best in local cargo services.

    Freight service - General freight services

    Why Choose NDL?

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    Tailor-Make Service

    We realise that each business is unique and has its own transport needs. This is why we create personalised and customised solutions for our valued clients.

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    Varied Service

    Because we offer a comprehensive range of services, you can have all your delivery needs taken care of by one cohesive team at NDL Transport & Warehousing.

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    Our team at NDL Transport are adaptable when it comes to challenging situations, and we’re more than happy to go out of our way to make things work.

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    Enjoy friendly and communicative service when dealing with the approachable yet professional team at NDL Transport and Warehousing.

    Satisfied Customers

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